i really wanna go longboard and work on sliding but last time i did that i ate shit and now both my knees are fucked up and so is my chin and it hurts to walk and bend my knees idk what to do help how long do i have to wait i cant take this anymore

That sucks man!
I fucked up my knee longboarding, I dislocated it and haven’t been on the board since. Miss skating so much!
Just whatever you do, don’t rush getting back on, let your injuries heal first otherwise it’s gonna be a lot longer before your back on that board. I made that mistake.
Just do little skates once you can walk properly again. Do some exercises that stretch you out and do some balancing, you’ll be sweet just give it time (:

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i have a switchblade 36 the green one and a r5

That’s rad dude !

dude what are those white 85a wheels?

What ones ?

what board would you recommend someone who's trying to get into longboarding

Hey dude, it depends what sort of longboarding you are thinking of doing. Probably something like a … Globe cruiser, loaded cruiser or drop through, landyachtz cruiser. Anything really drop through even a sector 9 drop through would be a start.

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